Personal Injury Award Amounts

How Much is My Case Worth?

Are you a person who walks around with a gray cloud over his/her head? Does something always seem to go wrong no matter what decision you make? Have you been in an accident and you’re now suffering from an injury that was caused by someone else? Now, you’re wondering what course of action you should take. You surely don’t want to make mistakes at this time. You’re considering having a consultation with an attorney and asking him/her the personal injury questions that are bothering you so much. You want to make sure that the attorney you’re speaking with will give you the correct personal injury advice you so desperately need. How will you know if the advice is right?

First of all, when some negligent person has hurt you, you’re in the hospital and your family members are quietly wondering how they’ll pay the rent or the house payment, it’s time to call an attorney. Ask your friends, neighbors and relatives who they would recommend. This is certainly a time to have your spouse or other family member to do their due diligence in finding just the right attorney. Of course your family lawyer may be a wonderful person who has drawn up your parent’s will or a power of attorney for your uncle, but his forte’ isn’t in the aggressive suing of negligent parties. For this reason you have to call on the services of a well known, knowledgeable, experienced, serious. assertive, fearless, yet extremely fair attorney who understands what it takes to sue.

This is an all business, but caring individual that you’ll know right away you can trust. He/She isn’t in the business just for the money, but this attorney is also in the business for justice. He/She will see that the person who struck your vehicle and was drunk at the time will pay with time in jail and will take the case to court to be sure you receive the monetary compensation that is due you. Pain and suffering, loss of work time, missing paychecks, medical bills, family members suffering, loving support to a spouse, and many other issues are a factor in determining the amount you’ll receive.

When the insurance company settles in court, if your attorney has been working on a contingency basis, he/she can expect his/her compensation at that time. The attorney examines documents, accident reports and medical records that take up valuable time. He/She often pays for examinations and services the client needs and can’t afford because they are not working at their job. With the right attorney by your side and taking the case all the way to trial before a judge, if need be, you can be certain your case will have the personal injury verdicts that will be fair and just when all is said and done. Plus, you’ll know you made the right decision this time.