Personal Injury Attorney Questions

Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney

If you become injured because of the direct actions or neglect of another party, this is called a personal injury. When you have become injured because of someone else, you are most likely going to have many personal injury questions. Getting answers to these questions is crucial, so you will know more about your options should you want to file a case against the person who caused your injuries.

What should your first step be after a personal injury occurs?

If you have been injured because of another party, you need to see a doctor right away. Many people make the mistake of waiting to see the doctor because they mistakenly believe their injuries are minor. Shock can often cause the signs of injury to be hidden. It is in your best interest to allow your doctor to check you.

How long do you have to decide if you want to file a case?

There is a statute of limitations that can vary by state. Though you have time to think about filing, it is in your best interest to go ahead and inform the responsible party of your injuries and your intentions to pursue them.

Does every personal injury need a lawyer’s help?

If you have very minor injuries, you may not need to hire a lawyer. As long as the responsible person is willing to take care of any medical bills you incurred, this may be all that is needed. When there are serious injuries or the responsible person refuses to pay, this is when a lawyer should be contacted.

How can a lawyer help you?

A lawyer can go over the details of your case and assist you in knowing whether or not you should pursue the responsible party. Since these lawyers typically work on a contingency basis, you will not be charged for their services unless you win. It never hurts to consult with a lawyer for personal injury advice.

What can you sue for in a personal injury claim?

You can sue for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other damages. In some instances, you may be able to pursue punitive damages.

Does hiring a lawyer ensure you will win your case?

All personal injury verdicts are different. Unfortunately, not every case wins. Your lawyer will not take on your case unless he or she is fairly certain liability can be proven. This still does not ensure a win. A win can never be guaranteed in any court case, even when you hire a lawyer.

For more information on personal injury cases, contact a lawyer and schedule a consultation appointment. This will allow you to learn more about your rights, so you can make an informed decision.