No Fee Contingency Personal Injury Lawyer

No Fee Unless We Win for You

If you are looking for personal injury advice, there is no better method than to consult with a lawyer. A personal injury claim is one that is based on harm caused by another person. This could be due to neglect or direct actions. If you have suffered from a slip and fall, medical negligence, a car accident or assault, you have the right to pursue the responsible party for your injuries.

When you first inform the responsible party of your injuries, they are most likely going to contact their insurance company and put in a claim. You will then be contacted by the insurance company. They are going to want you to make a recorded statement on how your injuries occurred and what type you are suffering from.

Often, the insurance companies will work to try and deny your claim, even if you deserve compensation. They may also offer you settlements that are worth much less than your injuries deserve. For these reasons, many people find it helpful to work with a lawyer who can answer their personal injury questions and give them the help they need in pursuing a case, so they can be fairly compensated.

Many people are concerned about hiring a lawyer because of the costs they will incur. When you hire a lawyer for a personal injury claim, you will often not be required to pay any fees unless you win your case. This can allow you to get the legal help you need without feeling the strain in your wallet. If you do win your case, any fees will be deducted from your winnings.

If you have experienced a personal injury, it is crucial you seek a doctor’s care as soon as possible. Your medical records will prove crucial in helping your lawyer represent you. When you hire your lawyer, you will be asked to sign a medical release, which will allow the lawyer to pull all of your medical records, so they can be used to prove your case in court.

Some personal injury cases are settled outside of court through mediation meetings. Others end up going to court and being decided on by a judge and jury. Though personal injury verdicts can vary according to the circumstances of a case, your lawyer will work to make sure you get the best possible outcome, so you are fairly awarded a settlement for your injuries and damages.